Owner Guide

Owner Guide

Our vision is to provide our customers with industry leading customer service. We strive to make it easy for you to get the information that you need, when you need it in a most efficient way.

For most of your needs Bolld Real Estate Management utilizes an online property management system that keeps all necessary information pertaining your property in real time at your finger tips and allows you to easily submit any requests.

How to Contact Us?

When it comes to customer service, we believe the key to a good customer service is the communication. We all get frustrated when we do not hear back after sending an e-mail or leaving a voicemail message. We take communication with our clients seriously. It is our top priority to respond to your message in a timely manner. Bolld Real Estate Management has adopted a new communication policy that requires all team members to respond to clients within a certain time period.

Our Response Time Policy

Due to the nature of the property manager’s job, the managers have designated times to answer the emails. After 3 pm our managers leave the office to meet clients, attend showings or to conduct inspections. During their appointments they usually do not have the ability to respond to your email or answer your call. Our information system is completely centralized and it is been kept up to date by our Administration team. In Bolld Real Estate Management we do work as a team and our Administration team has the most up-to-date information.


For a quick response, please make sure you always copy (cc) info@bolld.ca on your e-mail inquiries. This is our main e-mail address and it is monitored 24/7. Please note this e-mail address, the info@bolld.ca is your primary contact address. You do not even need to CC your manager as our system allows us to distribute the e-mails to the respective team member.

If you email your property manager before 2 pm you will get the response within the same business day. If you email your property manager after 2 pm, you will receive a response next business day by 12 pm. Each manager has an automatic response set up with the details of their working hours. Stress level in property management industry could be high, therefore we encourage our property managers to rest during their free time and do not attend to any work related matters.


If you require our assistance over the phone, our toll free number 1-855-266-8588 is available 24/7. Our Administration team has all the information available to answer your questions. They do have the most up-to-date information on the rental status of your place, status of any repairs and can guide you to find any financial information.

If you need to talk to your property manager, unless it is just a quick question, we recommend you to schedule a phone call, especially if you need more time to discuss. The response time policy requires the managers to call you back the same business day, if you call before 3 pm and the next business day by noon, if you call after 3 pm. In any case we do encourage you to call our primary line at 1-855-266-8588.

Please read below the guidelines that will help you address your needs for information. Generally you can find all your information in your online profile. You can use the link on this page to Access your profile. If you do not have access to your profile, please email info@bolld.ca. If you have just forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password link on the sign in page.

Please read the system overview on this page to learn more about the system.

Whom do I contact, if:

I have a request?

You can email your request to info@bolld.ca or submit it directly via your online profile. When you submit your request via your online profile, you will be able to track the status in a real time.

I have questions regarding my statement?

Please check your online profile. It contains all the financial information in real time. You can view all transactions one by one in your ledger and generate number of financial reports. The bills are generally uploaded to your documents folder in your online profile. If you need further information, please email us at info@bolld.ca

I need a copy of a document?

All documents pertaining your property can be found in your online profile under the “Documents” tab. If you cannot find the document you are looking for, please email us at info@bolld.ca.

How to contact my manager?

You can contact your property manager via e-mail, phone or text. We also use WeChat especially if you prefer to communicate in language other than English. You can call your manager anytime and you will receive a response as per our Response Time Policy above, but we do encourage you to schedule a phone call especially if you need more time to discuss.

Rental Insurance

Rental insurance protects your property. Even though it is mandatory for all our tenants to purchase a tenant insurance, it is still necessary that you purchase your rental property insurance. Tenant insurance only protects your tenant’s belongings and tenant’s liability arising from the tenant’s doing. In other words to protect your self from any damage to your property or properties of others arising from anything else than tenant’s doing, you need a rental property insurance. Strata corporations are covered by strata corporation insurance, but deductibles are very high.

For your own protection we do require you to purchase a rental property insurance. To purchase your rental property insurance and to learn more about insurance please visit our site at: https://bolldmax.com/rental-property-insurance .


Routine inspections are generally conducted every 3 to 4 months for each property under our management. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure that the tenant takes good care of your place and there are no deficiencies. During the inspections we make sure that the  tenant occupies the place along with the occupants as the tenancy agreement. The tenants are required to inform us about any changes in the occupancy and report to us any occupants that are staying at your property for more than 3 weeks. We check whether there are no pets present that are not part of the tenancy agreement. We look for signs of possible use of your property as an AirBnB rental.

The tenant has an opportunity to point out any areas of your property that need maintenance.

After the inspection, you will receive an inspection report.

Most of the insurance companies require regular inspections in order to fulfill any claims under the policy. Please check your policy to find out what are the requirements of your insurance policy.

Rent Increases

We understand that the cost of owning a property goes up every year and the rental rate of your property needs to be up to date. As a landlord you are allowed to increase the rent once a every 12 months. The maximum increase allowed is set by the Residential Tenancy Branch every year. The tenant must be served a 3 months notice prior to the increase coming into effect.

By default we administer the rent increase every year at the earliest possible date. We constantly monitor the current market rental rates. In some circumstances where the rental rate is up to date considering the current rental market conditions at the time and there you have a good tenant in place who might leave if we do increase the rent, we talk to you to discuss the situation.

For more details about the rent increases please visit the government website at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/residential-tenancies/during-a-tenancy/rent-increases

Lease Renewals

Effective December 11, 2017 the tenancy agreements can no longer include a vacate clause requiring the tenant to move out at the end of the term. This clause was allowing the landlord to require the tenant to move out at the end of the tenancy or sign a new lease. Under the new regulation all tenancies continue on month to month basis after the expiry of the term. This applies also to tenancies that were signed prior to the new regulation coming into effect.

For more information about the recent changes to Residential Tenancy Act please visit the government website at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/residential-tenancies/changes-to-tenancy-laws

Online Property Management System Overview

The system provides you with a real time financial overview and stores all property documents. You are able to easily generate number of useful reports and track the performance of your real estate portfolio. If you have any requests you just need to submit the quick form and check on the status as your requests is being taken care of.

Please read below or watch the video to learn more about the system and how to use it

Financials and Rental Owner Ledger

After signing into your account, the home page below will appear on your screen. It displays quick financial overview for the last three months.
To view more details, you can expand the dropdown to see the nature of the expenses and income. You can choose to view the financials for all your properties or for each individually.

Expanded Financials

Rental owner ledger shows you all the recent transactions on your account. You have options to view the ledger statements based on period of your choice.

Rental Owner Ledger


All documents are available for a view or download under the “Document” tab shown below. Typically we upload all tenancy agreements, inspection reports, your property management agreement and other important documents.



If you have any requests you can submit a new one using the simple form under the “Requests” tab below or you can track the existing requests.



You can choose from a number of reports by clicking on the “Reports” button in the top right corner as shown below. The reports include your Rental Owner Statement and all major financial reports. In addition to financial reports you can generate reports pertaining your rentals and tasks, work orders on property basis. You can search the reports and add favorite or frequently used reports to your “Favorites” tab for a quick access.