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Please note, as per the Residential Tenancy Act, the tenants must vacate the rental unit on the last day of their tenancy at or before 1 pm. The move out date should be set for the last day of the month. We will accept move out dates for earlier than the last day of the month, but you will not receive any compensation for the days remaining on your tenancy and you will surrender the possession on the day of your move out.

Are you ending your tenancy prematurely?

Please check your Tenancy Agreement for the stipulated end of the tenancy. Please check yes, if the date of your desired move out is before the stipulated date of the end of the tenancy.

I/We understand that we are responsible for the payment of the rent for the term of our tenancy agreed to in our Tenancy Agreement or until another tenant is approved by the landlord/manager and the new tenant started the tenancy.

I/We understand that we are responsible for payment of Liquidated damages as stipulated in our Tenancy Agreement and this amount will be deducted from our security deposit or paid separately.

Convenient Showing Times

Please give us at least 2 days, one during the week between 4:30 pm and 6 pm and one on the weekend between 10 am to 3 pm.

Will you be present at the showings?